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Upcoming SHAPE-ID Seminar with Julie Thompson Klein at ETH Zurich: “Disentangling inter- and transdisciplinary research”

SHAPE-ID partners at the Transdisciplinarity Lab (TdLab) in ETH Zurich will host a seminar on early results from the SHAPE-ID literature review on 17 September 2019, with a keynote presentation by Professor Julie Thompson Klein, Professor of Humanities Emerita in the English Department at Wayne State University, International Research Affiliate of the TdLab and a valued member of the SHAPE-ID Expert Panel.

The seminar, Disentangling inter- and transdisciplinary research: factors, understandings and processes in collaborative research, will discuss the first results of SHAPE-ID informed by Professor Klein’s experience and expertise. Using inputs and insights from the literature, the focus will be on three aspects:

  1. Different understandings of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research (ITR).
  2. Factors that hinder or help interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration.
  3. Which understanding of ITR and which factors of success and failure are specifically relevant for integrating AHSS and STEMM in ITR.

The ultimate goal of the seminar is to open a space for reflecting on alternatives to address the gap between AHSS and STEMM in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects and on how to improve practice.

The seminar is advertised on the TdLab Events page and full details are available on the seminar programme (PDF).

Attendance is open. Please contact Dr Bianca Vienni Baptista at TdLab to register.

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