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SHAPE-ID Results Discussed on “Transforming Society” Blog

SHAPE-ID Research Fellow Dr Bianca Vienni Baptista (ETH Zurich) was invited to share insights from the systematic literature review conducted in Work Package 2 on the new Bristol University Press blog “Transforming Society”. The piece, “What factors help or hinder interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research?”, explores the extent to which collaborative research practices present new contexts and challenges for research and how we can learn from the factors, identified in SHAPE-ID’s work, that can help or hinder the development of such research.

Importantly, our research finds that these factors for the most part can either help or hinder, depending on context, and that many obstacles can be transformed into enablers if identified and tackled at the right stage of the research process. The preliminary report from our literature review is available on our website and the full report will be made available soon.

The “Transforming Society” blog is an exciting new series of articles from researchers all over the world that aims to create impact by bringing research addressing important challenges to new audiences.


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