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SHAPE-ID Project Meeting and Co-Design Workshop

SHAPE-ID project partners met at ISINNOVA’s offices in Rome from 13-14 June for our second project meeting and Co-Design Workshop. We spent a morning reviewing progress so far, sharing insights on AHSS integration from the existing literature on interdisciplinary research, discussing plans for completing upcoming project deliverables and agreeing on an overall approach for our learning case workshops.

This was followed by a very productive workshop that took place over a full afternoon and a second morning, where we began to work out the details of each of the six workshops. The purpose of the Co-Design Workshop was to develop a common understanding and approach for workshop design and a schedule of Learning Case Workshops, including the focus of each workshop. These workshops will bring together small groups of stakeholders to explore approaches to AHSS integration in research projects and learn from existing initiatives.

Each workshop will invite participants from across the project stakeholder groups, with an emphasis on researchers who have experience in inter- or transdisciplinary projects. Policy makers, funders and end users will also be represented. Each workshop will invite participants from the region to explore relevant perspectives across Europe in the different workshop locations and will balance this with experienced participants from interesting projects or initiatives outside of the host country/region.

The first workshop will take place in Dublin in December 2019.

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