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SHAPE-ID Partners Present at Final INTREPID COST Action Conference

SHAPE-ID colleagues played a major role in the final conference of the EU INTREPID COST Action (TD1408: Interdisciplinarity in research programming and funding cycles) which took place in gloriously sunny Lisbon at the end of March. 

The event was a great showcase of INTREPID’s four years of collaboration, mutual learning and networking. The conference combined contributions from colleagues who had been with INTREPID from the outset along with new network members and guests – including a number of early career researchers – presenting their work. 

Catherine Lyall and Christian Pohl had the opportunity to introduce SHAPE-ID on the first day of the conference in a short presentation which garnered much interest and questions from the audience including expressions of interest to participate in forthcoming Learning Case Workshops. 

Many of the themes from these talks were ably captured graphically by Jakob Kohlbrenner ( whose visual summaries (see below) fascinated conference participants.

Jakob Kohlbrenner’s graphic summary of presentations by Catherine Lyall and Christian Pohl

INTREPID leaves behind a valuable legacy of reports and policy briefs, as well as at least two forthcoming books. Significantly, collaborations built during this COST Action will expand and develop during SHAPE-ID with Christian Pohl (ETH Zurich), Carlo Sessa (Isinnova) and Catherine Lyall (University of Edinburgh) working together to carry forward and consolidate INTREPID’s core theme of interdisciplinarity in research programming and funding cycles.

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