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25May 21
SHAPE-ID Toolkit Launch And Policy Panel 10 June 2021

SHAPE-ID Toolkit Launch and Policy Panel 10 June 2021

Join us on 10 June for the launch our final project toolkit, which offers tools and resources to help researchers, research organisations, funders, policymakers, and societal partners make informed decisions about developing and supporting inter- and transdisciplinary research with the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, STEM disciplines, and societal partners.
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18Mar 21
Transdisciplinary Dialogues: Research Partnerships For Impact

Transdisciplinary Dialogues: Research Partnerships for Impact

Partnerships with actors in civil society, industry, the cultural sector and citizens, are increasingly important to develop societally relevant research. In this SHAPE-ID webinar on 18 March 2021, panellists will discuss their experience of engaging in such research and the barriers to increasing transdisciplinary engagement
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17Dec 20
SHAPE-ID Webinar On Funding Interdisciplinary Research

SHAPE-ID webinar on funding interdisciplinary research

The fourth in our SHAPE-ID webinar series, Shaping Conversations on Interdisciplinary Research, looked at challenges and best practice in funding inter- and transdisciplinary research in a European and national context. The SHAPE-ID Policy Brief recommends that funders and policymakers…

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