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LERU Report Roundtable: SHAPE-ID Webinar on the 23rd of May

LERU (the League of European Research Universities) recently launched its report “Implementing interdisciplinarity in research-intensive universities: good practices and challenges”. This 2023 report is an important update to LERU’s seminal 2016 report “Interdisciplinarity and the 21st Century Research Intensive University” whose findings have been referenced worldwide.

SHAPE-ID was delighted to work with the main author, Professor Didier Wernli, on planning and preparing the new report.

On Tuesday 23 May at 12 noon Central European Time/11 am Irish Time for 90 minutes, Professor Jane Ohlmeyer, SHAPE-ID Coordinator and LERU report co-author, will host a discussion with Professor Wernli on the report’s key findings and recommendations.

Didier Wernli is an Associate Professor at the Global Studies Institute and the Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Science of the University of Geneva. Didier uses a systems and complexity approach to study global governance with a focus on sustainability and resilience. He is interested in the global governance of infectious diseases, particularly antimicrobial resistance. Didier is the Deputy-Director for research at the Global Studies Institute.

Also joining the panel are: Dr Nicola Francesco Dotti, Senior Policy Officer for the Green and Digital Transition at Science Europe, and Dr Kimberly Couvson-Liebe, Scientific Officer at the DLR Project Management Agency, National Contact Point (NCP) Horizon Europe Cluster 2 , and coordination team member for the EU-funded project Net4Society, the international network of Horizon Europe Cluster 2 National Contact Points.

We will seek their response to this latest contribution to advancing an inter and trans-disciplinary European research landscape. What has changed since the 2016 LERU report and the more recent 2021 SHAPE-ID findings and toolkit? What changes are still necessary across funding, policy and research performing organisations?

Register here for our panel discussion on Tuesday 23 May.

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