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Work Packages

SHAPE-ID activities take place through four core interacting work packages, supported by a work package focused on dissemination and communication. Partners collaborated closely from the beginning of the project to ensure the needs of later tasks inform the design of earlier tasks.

Work Package 1 is led by TCD and is responsible for the management and administration of the project as a whole.

Work Package 2 is led by ETH Zurich with contributions from all partners. Its objective is to clarify which understandings of IDR and which factors of success and failure are specifically relevant for integrating AHSS in IDR. Tasks include conducting a survey among experienced EU stakeholders and undertaking a literature review on understandings of inter- and transdisciplinarity. Jack Spaapen is leading the survey design and IBL are contributing expertise in data mining and text analysis of large datasets.

Work Package 3 is led by ISINNOVA with contributions from all partners. Its objective is to elicit insights from stakeholders on the funding mechanisms and implementation of IDR in practice in response to societal challenges. The work package coordinates the design and delivery of 6 Learning Case Workshops to which stakeholders are invited to share best practice and to help validate or refine the findings of the literature review and survey in Work Package 2. Five of the SHAPE-ID partners have hosted a Learning Case Workshop to facilitate participation from different European countries and regions.

Work Package 4 is led by TCD. Its objective is to develop a knowledge framework based on the results of earlier work packages to help create a system of categories for AHSS integration. This work has been validated by an expert panel of approximately 15 members who are leading global practitioners and advocates of inter- and transdisciplinary research representing both academic and non-academic sectors.

Work Package 5 is led by Edinburgh. Its objective is to oversee the creation of the final project toolkit, informed by the validated framework developed in Work Package 4 and with input from all partners. The toolkit may include elements such as ¬†a collection of best practice processes and standards for researchers, templates and checklists for research funders and style guides for constructing funding calls and research proposals‚Äč.

Work Package 6 is led by TCD. Its objective is to effectively disseminate and communicate project information, activities and results to help ensure they reach the appropriate stakeholder groups. It includes the organisation of a final stakeholder event in June 2021 at which the project toolkit and policy brief was launched.

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