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The Most Exciting And Groundbreaking Innovations Are Happening At The Intersection Of Disciplines, Carlos Moedas 2017

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SHAPE-ID is an EU-funded project addressing the challenge of improving interdisciplinary cooperation between the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) and STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and other disciplines. The project will examine best and poor practices in AHSS integration through a survey, extensive literature review and a series of learning case workshops with stakeholders. SHAPE-ID will ultimately deliver a toolkit and recommendations to guide European policy makers, funders, Universities and researchers in achieving successful pathways to interdisciplinary integration between AHSS and other Sciences, as well as within AHSS disciplines. SHAPE-ID results will help the European Commission assess the potential of AHSS integration for responding to the significant challenges Europe faces in areas like health, food and agriculture, climate change, technological innovation and security, among others.

SHAPE-ID is a Europe-wide consortium coordinated by Trinity College Dublin and including ISINNOVA, ETH Zurich, the University of Edinburgh, IBL PAN and Jack Spaapen.


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Today at 12 noon in @TLRHub!

We hope to see you there as we speak with @murray_aisling on the subject of "Curating Cultures Outside the Academy" and all things @BetaFest_IRL!

#TCDAHFest #HubMatters @ameliamcconv @FairyTaleSci


🗃️From the archive: Science and the English Language - lessons from George Orwell


Non for profit #openaccess is the way forward @MichaelArentoft - me: no predatory but also no insane profits on publicly funded research as via hybrid journals or huge unsustainable APCs based on prestige not on real services #OSFAIR2023

On Making in the Digital Humanities is a tribute to John Bradley's invaluable contributions to the field. This #openaccess book showcases the transformative power of digital humanities. Get your copy here: #DigitalHumanities

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